The Fight Against PTSD.


“I am left with basically nothing. Too Trapped in a war to be at peace, to damaged to be at war.” -Suicide note left by Army Veteran Daniel Somers

No one should ever be left to cope with the PTSD alone.  Nor should it be a taboo topic we never talk about.  We are striving not only to create awareness for PTSD but also how to help deal with the aftermath caused by traumatic events.  

PTSD has been treated the same way for years, with frustratingly few advances on how veterans ought to handle it.  Too often the conversation we hear is “tried that, none of it works for me.”  They’re giving up trying to fix what’s wrong, out of total frustration.  Veteran suicides are at a high- as much as 22 a day.  We at 7th Circle Saints believe that PTSD should be treated differently, as we have seen firsthand how unorthodox stress relievers can help improve and allow coping to occur in a different environment, one well-suited to veterans.  That’s why we give our Veterans a place to call home. 

We want to show our veterans that adrenaline belongs in the right place, which in return we believe can help re-align mental and emotional fight-or-flight responses.  That’s right: hog hunting from a helicopter can help! paintballing, wakeboarding, shooting, sky-diving, white water rafting, concerts and more, all done among peers that can offer the close bonds of trust and family which is needed after military service.  Please help us show our Veterans suffering from PTSD they aren’t alone.  Nor that they need to be.   It is critical that we don’t let our Veterans fall to the side lines while we appreciate the freedom they have provided us.  Donate or get involved today.

“For anyone who wonders what it's like to have a tragedy shatter your existence, this is what I would tell them: it's like going through the motions of everyday life in a zombified state. It's having outbursts of anger for what seems like no apparent reason, for even the smallest of offenses. It's forgetting how to be your once cheerful, perky self, and having to relearn basic social skills when mingling with new people (especially if those people are ignorant, or just plain terrible at showing sympathy). It takes a while to re-learn all those basic skills.'s possible. Maybe you have to want your life back first, before it can start repairing itself But then you also have to accept that the mending process may take the rest of your life. I don't think there's a set time limit for it.”
― Sarahbeth Caplin